dimanche 1 avril 2012

Photo exhibition by Sophie

Many thanks to  Sophie !

To leave is running away from and jumping into.

It’s a long circumambulation until reaching the inner self, a straight line to the others.

To leave is to light one’s back and soul, to refuse to
carry the superfluous, either onward or inside.

It’s to have only one’s flesh to protect and to give, triple flesh, bones, smile and soul.

To leave is believing that difference still exists, that the conditioning and the uniformity of common living hasn’t stained everything yet.

To leave is to get lost until we forget our own shapes, to then rebuild and redraw us infinitely.

To leave is to admit that we know nothing, and that we’ll have to relearn everything.

By train, by bus or by foot, to leave is to run for the debris of our dreams…
To deduct the instant, the only precious thing that really belongs to us, and rebuild our unity.

Translation by Stan Khan for Sophie . . . 

Sophie :

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