What happens at Art Bar Craze ?

a. b . c.  is more than a bar that is a new concept  
based on friendly creativity
communication between peoples ...


The music is highlighted by Johan the boss, who is a musician drummer. 
It is music that creates the most social link.
Each SATURDAY Live Music
Open stage for any musicians, 
professional sound system.
Some Tuesday also, call Johan


Available space for Art exibitions.
Open to all kinds of creative events:
dare to show your personal works, art brut, graffiti, 
carvings, cutting and pasting, painters, photographers, 
or to respond to causes supportive school projects,
safeguarding the environment. . .
The bar lends its walls to these temporary exhibitions.



 And because creativity is also expressed  
in the way we cook and feed us ...
We offer a monthly gourmet dinner, 
by reservation only. 
Home made cooking by Anne and Johan .
Every day of every month such as the 06/06 with a Burgundy meal
the 07/07,  
the 08/08 
the 09/09,
the 10/10 
the 12/12. 
French gastronomy and world cuisine  . . .
Please visit the special page on this blog.

Anne offers snacks , 
Daily menu and cook of the day according to the 
the vegetables and fruits found on the market.

Vegetarian food available. 

and more and the Snacks page !


Available space for private Party.
Rent the bar for one evening ! 
with or without a special menu according to your desires, 
specific beverages, a DJ 
and with our friendly staff at your disposal.
A good idea to celebrate a birthday with friends or farewell party !


For any informations please contact us.
We will be happy to inform you.
If you want  help us,  
thank's to leave your comments on tripadvisor.com 
or travel guides and forum.
More pictures by our friend Bea .

French touch with some specials drinks and collector glass bottles 
or old items.
Behind the bottles the required licences ...
This one of PICON is full and so tasty with the beer ...

But all those boxes are unfortunetely empty ...
Origami by a customer.

And now go to look outside ...
Are you ready for Happy Hour ?
Our friendly staff Mala and Davy will served you . . . 
They leave now ...
See you soon , a bientot !