lundi 31 octobre 2011

jeudi 6 octobre 2011

1 st of October Jam session our JAM - POT

After several weeks of closure for improvement work we have reopened the bar with a great musical evening.

Good sound for good musicians !

                                  Justin guitar , Pops Bass, Johan drums.

                                          Mark mandolin. 

                                                Mark guitar.

                                               French duo !

                             Chiet owner of MADI bar restaurant, guitar and vocals.

                                    Justin , trumpet. 

With the young Thet, singing  Khmer rap songs.

                                               Happy End !!!!

                                       see you soon , next Saturday ....

mercredi 28 septembre 2011

NATAYA September 2011

During the Khmer festivities "Pchoum Ben" in September,
 Live Music is moving to Nataya  resort, 
sea shore, Sihanoukville road, Kampot province. 

Providing quality music 
in a charming and peacefull place.
Welcome to Nataya ! 

 While the people are eating in the garden, the musicians settle.

 And now enjoy the show !

Justin : guitar, bass, mandolin, trumpet and vocals , 
Patrick : guitar, harmonica and vocals, 
Pops : bass, 
Johan : drums.

                               Traditional photo session with fans . .  .

The rainy season is still present, 
we must juggle the rain 
and play outside or inside ...

Harris, the manager of the place 
who appreciates the live music !

                     Anne in charge of selling tasty ice cream,

                      and delicious wines !

Audience of any ages.  

Rain ... rain is coming soon   ... everybody go inside !!!
Justin, trumpet, 
Mark, guitar
Pops, bass
Johan , drums.
    Justin guitar, Pops bass, Johan drums . . Mark mandolin.

At the end everybody have his request ....

For more informations about the resort : 

samedi 17 septembre 2011