lundi 2 janvier 2012

31 st December Happy New Year !

Barang New Year !!
Nouvelle annee des etrangers !

ABC offers a lottery in collaboration with neighboring businesses. Everyone can buy a ticket and win many prizes as diverse as:

- boat trip
- massage
- book

- Kampot pepper
- cakes
- breakfast

- ice cream
- drinks in various bar
- dishes at various restaurants
- manicure
- pizza

- silk Pillows from Kampot
and other surprises!

                        all lots are displayed above the bar with each visiting cards !

                  Many Thanks to all businesses !

           our staff Davy and Mala, also stand ready for the party's !
                  and now the music starts

Pierre on bass, Shawn on  guitar and Johan on the drum open the party ! 

 Some friends join them ...
 a broken string , no problem for Shawn !

Not much time to take pictures during the evening which was very nice, relaxed and well drunk !

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