mardi 21 juin 2011

21 st of June Fete de la Musique

For the first time in Kampot , enjoy the tradional French


For our first 21 st of June in Cambodia we decide 
to melt Khmer and western music. 
We ask to the Kampot traditional Music School to come at ABC . 

Today rainy day ???

are you ready for the show ?

All musicians are ready  , let's go !

Khmer musician teacher

The school manager explains about the sacred music and dances. 
A donation box will turn among the audience.

Concentrating kids.
For the first time out of the school.

And now music and dance !
Beauty, perfect movement, emotion for every body.

Almost 100 people : tourist, local Khmer and Western 
was delighted to share together this happening !

After the school's  manager speech, 
listen to a melting pot of Khmer and western music.

the school manager starts to play the drums.

Our friends follow. . .

Davy and Mala our friendly staff also can sing !

Davy and our friend Shawn, guitar player.

Our musicians friends Irena on the keyboard, 
Chris on the violin, 
Mark on the bass or mandolin 
and Chiet on the guitar . . . 

Great evening for every body.
exchange , emotion , happiness . . .  

The next day we was happy to give the "special envelop" 
from the donation box with more than $ 100 to the school.

Johan recorded all the show 
and will produce a CD for the promotion of the 
Kampot traditional Music school.

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