mardi 17 mai 2011

Jam session on Saturday 21 st of May

Join us on Saturday evening from 7.30 pm ,
listen to Kampot's  musicians for our first jam session.

Enjoy the music with us . . .
and if you are musician you are welcome with your instrument !


It was a nice evening with great musicians and happy customers . . . 
The bar was full as an egg.
The youngest listener  (with his parents) had a few months  
and seemed to enjoy live music.

Behind the bar the beer flows like water.

 Exellent sound as much for musicians that listeners .

Johan boss of the a.b.c is delighted to find his elecronic drum .

Shawn is well known, he plays the guitar and harmonica while singing  
and he sends us his good mood

Mark is younger but equally talented, 
he makes us rediscover the mandolin  
and he also plays the bass .

What a trio ! for a first meeting a little crazy these 3 guys!

But no no, there are professional first.
See you again guys and many thanks from all customers . . . 

Next time we will start earlier and finish before 01 o ' clock ! 

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