jeudi 28 avril 2011

29 th April 2011 Opening Party

Special event :
don't forget to join us from 6 pm to 9 pm you will have some free drinks !!!
Draft beer or Sangria or Pastis. 
Enjoy !

Our friendly staff Davy and Mala:
 Mala and Mr Guiness :

 Boss is behind the bar ...

View from the street :

Special menu for this evening :

Fresh Snack plate with Brinjol puree and sourdough bread, 
Carrot turnip and curcumber sticks served with a home made garlic mayonnaise, 
3 slices of fancy steamed bread oliv oil : black olives and anchovy , green olives and cheese ... enjoy !

At 2 o'clock in the morning we are tired but happy , 
it's time to close the ABC .

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